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The range of Croatiangrapes.com comes from wine producers who have sufficient production to guarantee long-term supply and high quality. This is the quality and delivery assurance. On this page we introduce some of the wineries we are very fond of. The products of these passionate vintners are available in our web shop.

Vina Carić 

Vina Carić is the family business of the Carić family. With a passion and dedication they produce both white and red Carić wines. The winery is located on Hvar, one of the biggest Croatian islands in the Adriatic Sea, just south of Split and has vineyards in various places throughout the island.

The winemaker, Ivo Carić, is an innovative winemaker who produces groundbreaking wines. He dares to experiment and make wonderful new blends arise. 

The Croatian wine purists use grapes as Plavac Mali and Bogdanusa always for single-varietal wines. Carić blends it with other grape varieties to create a remarkable new flavor. Thereby Carić provides unique wines of unprecedented quality. Also in the naming of the wines Carić is very creative.

At present we have Vina Carić in our range: Jubo'v, Cesarica and Plovac Ploski.

Vinarija Madirazza

Madirazza is a winery on Peljesac, a peninsula north of Dubrovnik. It is one of the most famous wine regions of Croatia, where both white and red wines are produced.

The wines of this winery include Dingač, the most famous Croatian red wine in the world. This wine is made from the Plavac Mali grapes growing on a particular geographic location. Dingač is the first protected Croatian wine region.

In addition, Madirazza produces also white wines from grapes grown on the island of Korcula which is next to the Peljesac peninsula.

At this moment we have the following Madirazza wines in our range: Posip, Plavac Mali Barrique and Dingač

PZ Svirče

PZ Svirče is a wine cooperative with 220 members on Hvar, one of the biggest Croatian islands in the Adriatic Sea, just south of Split, where both white and red wines are produced.

The winery is located in the heart of the island, in the picturesque village Svirče. The cooperative was founded in 1997 and its mission is to produce premium wines. The winery is renowned for producing top quality wines.

The cooperative is involved in planting new vineyards and wants to increase its annual production. Currently PZ Svirče is also busy with the production of organic wines, only the certification is still pending. To be continued...

At present, we have the following PZ Svirče wines in our range: Svirče Hvar, Plavac, Plavac Reserva and Hadrian Prošek.

Feravino Feričanci

Feravino Feričanci grows grapes on 160 hectares of vineyards in the Feričanci wine-growing area in Slavonia, the east part of Croatia between Hungary, Serbia and Bosnia.

The company owns a wine cellar built in 1962 in the village of Feričanci with 2.000.000 litres capacity. The annual production is 900.000 litres. This makes this winery the largest of the smaller producers in Croatia.

The most important grapes they grow at Feravino are Frankovka (blaufrankisch), Grasevina (welschriesling) and Zweigelt (a cross-breed between Frankovka and Lovrijenac). From all these varietals we have wines in our range.

From Feravino we have the following wines in our range: Dika Rosé, Dika Frankovka, Dika Zweigelt, Dika Frankovka 0,187L and Dika Grasevina 0,187L.

Kabola Momjan

This winery is situated at the northwest side of the Istrian peninsula, at the altitude of 275m above the sea level. Marvellous view stretches from Alps and Dolomites on one side to the lush greenery of intact nature and beautiful sea panorama on the other.

Their vineyards are located on the hills Stancija and Kanedolo, near the village of Momjan. The soil consists mainly of clay and is rich in marl giving the wines their characteristic local identity.

Through hard work and dedication in the vineyards they grow grapes that reflect and express the region and climate.

No great wine was ever made without good grapes. This means that vineyards are the birthplace of great wines. At Kabola they care wholeheartedly for their vines, going over every detail, watching them carefully like they would their own children.

Since 2009 the winery produces all grapes organic and environmentally friendly. Kabola was the first wine cellar in Istria with an Eco-certificate. From this winery we have Re Brut and Malvazija in our range.

PP Orahovica

PP Orahovica is located in the untouched area of eastern Croatia, at the territory between the river Drava in the north and the slopes of Papuk and Krndija in the northwest, along the edges of the Nature Park Papuk. 

To grow beautiful grapes, the vine needs soil, water and sun, but the specific character of the wine is determined by the unique conditions and microclimate in which the grapes grow. It gives the wine complexity and the taste of the place where it is grown. 

The well-known winegrower Martin Nagy built the old wine cellar in 1894. Nowadays the wine is produced in a modern way in the winery of PP Orahovica, but the barrels of the old cellar are not empty. The wine is stored there carefully in ideal conditions. 

The grape varietals grown at PP Orahovica are: Graševina; Frankovka, Pinot Gris, Rhein Riesling, Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Silvanac green. 

From PP Orahovica we have the following wines in our range: Orahovica Graševina, Orahovica Frankovka Rosé and Orahovica Frankovka Vrhunsko

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