Wine advice

Croatian wines are made from many indigenous grapes. We can truly say the list of indigenous grape is as long as the coast of Croatia.

But how do these beautiful wines taste actually? On this page, we compare a number of known traditional wines with wines that has in their range.


Sauvignon Blanc: A Sauvignon Blanc is often a light fresh dry white wine with lots of fruit and pleasant acidity that makes it excellent as an aperitif and goes well with salads, fish and poultry. An excellent replacement would be the Svirče Hvar. Or if you like a little more complex wine you can choose the Posip.

Chardonnay: To the real Chardonnay drinker we recommend our Grk. Furthermore, most of Chardonnay lovers pretty much like our Cesarica. Most of our white wines don’t have the oak flavour of most Chardonnays. So you should compare our wines with an unoaked Chardonnay.

Riesling: At this moment we don’t have (semi)-sweet wines in our range (except for our dessert wine). But our range will be expanded soon. A good replacement would be the Svirče Hvar. This is a light dry white wine also very well appreciated by Riesling lovers.

Pinot Grigio: For lovers of Pinot Grgio we recommend the Cesarica. Both Cesarica and Pinot Grigio are excellent with food.

Moscato: If you like muscatel you could try our Hadrian Prošek. Although our wine tastes slightly to raisins and even goes a bit towards a liqueur.


Merlot: Merlot lovers generally prefer a somewhat round smooth wine. We therefore recommend our Jubo'v. This is a wine that is made for 75 percent of the known Croatian Plavac Mali grape, blended with 25 percent Merlot and Shiraz which makes the wine round and smooth.

Cabernet Sauvignon: Cabernet Sauvignon wines usually are firm with quite some tannins. If this is what you like then you can opt for our Plavac, Plavac Plavac Mali Barrique or Plavac Reserva.

Syrah or Shiraz: If you like Syrah or Shiraz, then you're probably a fan of more full-bodied wines. An absolute must then is our Dingač, one of the most famous wines from Croatia. Another good option is the Plovac Ploški.

Malbec: Malbec wines are usually spicy with lots of aromas of plums and berries. If you like this you could try the Plavac from our range.

Primitivo of Zinfandel: These grapes are genetically related to the Croatian Plavac Mali. So if you like these wines you can try all Plavac Mali wines, although most Plavac Mali wines are way more full-bodied than most Primitivo and Zinfandel wines. This is particularly true for our Dingač and Plavac Mali Barrique.

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