Vinoplod Jakov Prošek dessert wine

Jakov is a unique dessert wine made from the indigenous Croatian grapes Debit, Maraština and Trbljan. In Croatia, this wine, which has been made for centuries, is called Prošek.

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Prošek is an exquisite Dalmatian dessert wine obtained using the passito method, an age-old technique for making sweet wines. This exceptional wine is produced in the stunning Dalmatian region, situated along the Adriatic coast of Croatia.

The passito method involves harvesting the grapes, including the indigenous grape varieties Plavac Mali, Debit, Maraština, and Trbljan, at the moment of optimal ripeness. The grapes are then carefully selected and laid out to dry in well-ventilated places or on racks, where they desiccate for a period of several weeks to even several months. During this drying process, sugars and flavor elements concentrate in the grapes, resulting in an extremely concentrated and sweet grape must.

After drying, the grapes are pressed, and the obtained grape juice is transferred to wooden barrels, often made of oak, where it ferments and ages slowly. This process can last for months to years, during which the wine gains its complex character and unique flavor development.

What makes Prošek so exceptional are the rich taste profiles and aromas resulting from the passito method. The wine is known for its sweetness and has notes of dried fruit, honey, nuts, and spices. Prošek is often served as a dessert wine or on special occasions, where it pairs perfectly with various desserts and cheeses, making it a beloved choice for connoisseurs and wine enthusiasts.

Vinoplod Jakov Prošek is a unique dessert wine made from the indigenous Croatian grapes Debit, Maraština and Trbljan. In Croatia, this wine, which has been made for centuries, is called Prošek.

Pronounciartion: Winóplòd Jákòw Pròsjèk
Winery: Vinarija Vinoplod
Region: Šibenik, North Dalmatia
Grape: Debit, Maraština, Trbljan (all white grapes)
Vintage: 2019
Taste: This dessert wine is characterized by a pleasant aroma and a harmonious taste with lots of raisins, walnuts, figs and apricots. It is high in residual sugars, but the wine still has nice acidity. It is a full-bodied wine with a wonderful oily mouthfeel and a long finish.
Serve with: The recognizable sweet taste and an abundance of aroma make this wine an ideal choice with sweet desserts, chocolate or cookies and it is also delicious with an ice cube with coffee or as an aperitif. The wine can also be used with all kinds of savoury dishes such as fish dishes and pâté. It can also be a surprising alternative for port lovers.
Ideal serving temperature: Prošek is best chilled and can even be drunk with a cube of ice.
Alcohol percentage: 14%.
Residual sugar: 110 g / L
Volume: 0.75 liters
Vinification: Traditionally, Prošek is made according to the pasito method in which the grapes are late harvested and dried on straw mats before making wine. In order to keep the process affordable and stable, Jakov was used by fermenting concentrated (evaporated) must.
Additional information: After opening, the bottle can be kept for at least one or two years.Prošek is the most famous Croatian dessert wine. Despite its name, it has nothing to do with Italian Prosecco, which is a sparkling wine. There are no similarities between the products, either with regard to the production method, style or the grapes used, nor is there any relationship between the origin of the two names.
Nevertheless, after Croatia's accession to the EU, it was decided that the wine should no longer be called Prošek because the name reminds too much of Prosecco. Therefore, the name was changed to Jakov. Obviously, it is just Prošek as everyone knows it in Croatia.

Prošek can be compared to the Italian dessert wine Vino Santo (holy wine). These are straw wines, as they are often produced by drying the freshly harvested grapes on reed mats.

This is the same production method in Croatia. Several grapes are allowed for the production of Prošek such as the white Bogdanuša, Marastina, or Vugava (all native Croatian white grapes) and even the blue Plavac Mali. Jakov is made from three white native grapes Debit, Maraština, Trbljan.

Prošek is a sweet dessert wine, traditionally from Dalmatia. Good quality Prošek is usually much more expensive than other wines due to the average consumption of seven times more grapes to make the same amount of wine.

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